Before You Arrive…

Make your reservations early during peak vacation times.  Obviously we are busier during the holidays.  So be sure take this into consideration when you plan to board your dog or cat with us.

Be Aware of Our Hours

Plan to allow plenty of time to check-in.  It usually takes 15-20 minutes from the time that your dog/pet arrives until they are settled into their kennel.  Waiting until the last minute doesn’t allow time for your dog to fully experience our routine before closing time; which can cause undue stress on him.

Bring Proper Records

Be prepared with the proper information.  this includes: vaccination records, emergency phone numbers, any medications and special instructions.  It is recommended that all dogs are on a monthly heartworm, flea, and intestinal worm preventative such as Sentinel or Heartguard  combined with Frontline.

Bring Stuff For Your Pet

Although Samarkand provides everything necessary for boarding, you are welcome to bring personal items from home.  Because dogs sometimes behave differently in the kennel, we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.

PinchersPlan to Leave Your Dog In the Lobby

the best place to leave your per with us during check-in is in the front lobby.  this shows that you are entrusting your dog into our care.  Your pet is very sensitive.  When he sees you leave with confidence, it makes him more confident, anxiety-free with a more pleasant stay at “camp.”  We welcome tours any time during business hours.  Check-in times are not always the best times for a tour.

Finally, RELAX!

Once you leave, relax.  Enjoy your time away,  You are leaving your dog in caring capable hands!