1. WILL MY DOGS STAY IN THE SAME KENNEL TOGETHER?Most of the time dogs that live together may board together. If your dogs have ever had a fight over toys or food it is best to kennel them separately because the confined space of a kennel run and the presence of multiple other dogs may increase this possessive behavior.  Separate kennels are required for 2 non-neutered males, 2 non-spayed females, and a non-neutered male and non-spayed female even if they live together at home.
  2. WILL MY DOG SHARE SPACE WITH ANOTHER DOG?No we do not board dogs together that do not live together.
  3. WILL MY DOG BE EXERCISED WITH OTHER DOGS?If your dog is social and likes other dogs usually we can find him/her a buddy to play with. Some owners prefer that their dogs do not interact with other dogs due to health issues or old age. Just let us know your preference when you drop your dog off.
  4. WILL MY DOG BE TAKEN FOR WALKS?We walk our senior residents so their hips don’t stiffen up because they are much less active than younger dogs. Younger dogs generally get plenty of exercise during the day in the exercise yards. Dogs go out into the yards 4 to 5 times a day depending on the number of dogs that are boarding.
  5. DO I HAVE TO PAY A DEPOSIT?All new clients are required to pay a one night boarding deposit, which will be applied to the end cost of boarding. All clients must pay a $40 deposit during holiday times (see # 6). Otherwise no deposit is needed other times throughout the year.
  6. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY?There is no fee for cancelling a reservation except during holiday times. We realize that circumstances change often at the last minute. We simply ask that you call us as soon as you know your plans have changed so we can accommodate someone from our wait list.

    HOLIDAYS — $40 deposit is required for boarding over area schools Spring Break period, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas / New Year’s holidays. The deposit must be paid at the time of booking and will be applied toward the end cost of boarding. Boarding must be canceled 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date, otherwise deposit will be forfeited.

  7. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE FOR A DOG TO BE BOARDED?Dogs should not be boarded until they have fully completed their series of puppy vaccinations including the rabies vaccination.
  8. HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD MY DOG HAVE HIS VACCINATIONS?All required injections: distemper, leptospirosis, rabies and canine influenza should be given at least 10 days prior to boarding to allow the immune system to mount a response.

    Intranasal and oral Bordatella should be given at least 3 days prior to boarding. The initial canine influenza series is 2 injections, 2 to 4 weeks apart then yearly thereafter. As long as the dog has had the 1st of the canine influenza series vaccinations we will allow boarding and a waiver can be signed for the second dose being incomplete.

  9. WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A MEDICAL CONCERN/EMERGENCY?You will need to provide us with emergency contact numbers where you can be reached while your animal is here. We can also contact you via your email, if you provide it, and will have your computer with you. Most veterinarians are reluctant to treat without owner permission so if something happens we will attempt to contact you first, prior to seeking treatment. If the emergency is life threatening we will proceed directly to the veterinarian.  We will take your animal to your veterinarian whenever possible. All after office hour emergencies will be taken to MSU small animal clinic.  When we contact you regarding a medical issue we will ask you to contact the vet clinic and give them your credit card information as well as permission to treat.
  10. IS THERE SOMEONE ON THE PROPERTY 24/7?Owners Don and Dawn Hubbard reside on the property.  The house is only about 500 feet from the kennel.
  11. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE BOARDING EASIER FOR MY DOG?If your dog has not boarded with us previously we offer either a daycare day or an overnight stay at no charge. This allows your dog to become familiar with the facility, staff, and routine prior to leaving them for a longer stay. It also lets them know that when they come here you will be coming back for them. We feel this is very important especially for dogs that were adopted from a shelter.  The best place to say goodbye to your dog is in the lobby. When your pet sees you leave with confidence he will be more at ease with us. If you are overly emotional when dropping off your dog he will be very anxious because he will pick up on your emotions. Dogs are very sensitive beings and key into body language very quickly.
  12. WHAT SHOULD I BRING?You can bring beds and toys but we cannot guarantee they will be returned to you in the same shape that they arrived. Dogs often will shred bedding or toys. Beds with bolstered backs and extra large orthopedic beds will not fit in the washer. All beds should have a cover that can be removed by a zipper to allow for cleaning, if necessary. A flat fleece pad or a blanket is also a good choice.We have Iams Minichunks and Purina One Lamb and Rice as our base line kennel foods. Iams Smart Puppy Food and Iams Weight Control Food is also available.  Many owners bring their own food as changing a dogs diet can often lead to vomiting or diarrhea. If bringing your own food please package it in individual zip lock baggies for an AM and a PM feeding for each day your dog will be with us. This ensures that you have provided the correct amount of food required for your dog’s stay. Please do not bring food or water bowls.
  13. WILL MY DOG AUTOMATICALLY GET A BATH BEFORE I PICK HIM UP?We do not have the grooming staff nor the amount of equipment required to bathe all dogs prior to going home. We have 61 kennel runs and usually send 40 dogs home each Sunday so you can see how this is not possible. Just as people who work in restaurants absorb the smells of the kitchen, dogs will absorb the smells of the kennel. Some dogs are very clean in their habits at the kennel and others not so much. We make every attempt possible to clean up dogs that have been dirty in their kennels prior to their being picked up but scheduled grooms take priority. So if you want your dog to go home smelling clean and fresh please schedule an appointment for grooming.
  14. MY DOG IS A VERY PICKY EATER. WHAT IF HE WON’T EAT WHILE AT THE KENNEL?We keep a lot of tempting items in our kitchen just for that purpose. We have chicken and rice that we make on site as well as plain yogurt, shredded cheese, tuna, assorted canned dog foods, boiled chicken, eggs, and cottage cheese. We will ask if your dog has any food allergies at drop off. There is always a possibility that your dog will not eat well at the kennel, but we will make every effort to get your dog to eat. Some dogs may need an appetite stimulant or an antianxiety medication when kenneled.  Some dogs just refuse to eat when away from home.