Here’s What They’re Saying About Samarkand:

shephard“Samarakand really does care about our pet as much as we do.  I love the way they take the time to get to know our dog!”
Weimaraner Owner, DeWitt, MI

“When our dogs run away, they go to Samarkand!!” Huskie Owner, DeWitt, MI

“Their services are very good. Somebody recommended them to us…They were very responsive because the first time I left my dog with them,  I would call every morning to see how my dog was doing.  They were so kind and patient with me.” Angie’s List Review, Lansing

“As soon as we get off the exit, our dog begins to get excited.  He knows he’s about to visit his dog friends at Samarkand!” Lab Owner, Haslett

“We won’t make our airline reservation without making our boarding reservation. If Samarkand is full when we want to go on vacation, we won’t go!” Dalmatian Owner, Grand Ledge


“Samarkand is a wonderful kennel for dogs. We have taken several of our dogs there over the years and have been very satisfied. It is clean, the people love animals and our dogs love going there. I never worry about my dog when he is there. I would highly recommend them!!! My dog nearly flies out of the car when we pull in to Samarkand.  He loves the staff and loves to play with the other dogs there.  The staff is so nice and will do anything to make your dog comfortable and you happy.” Angie’s List Review, Eastport

“Because our dog has special medical needs, I won’t take him anywhere other than Samarkand, because I know he will get the attention he needs.”Beagle Owner, Grand Ledge

“I really like that Samarkand has a large fenced in yard.  I wouldn’t be comfortable with someone leash-walking our dog in an unfamiliar place.” Newfoundland Owner, East Lansing, MI

“We bring our dog here because all of his friends are here!” Doberman Owner, Holt, MI

“I love this place.  I have boarded our dogs there for years and they are amazing.  Our dogs love going there…It is always clean and the staff will always go the extra mile.  I recommend Samarkand highly!  Your dogs will come home tired from THEIR vacation!” Angie’s List Review, MI