We Give Your Pet What They Need!

running dog


We’re out to impress your pet! At Samarkand, we give your pet what they want and need!  Our professionally managed kennels offer
our dog guests fresh air, attention, exercise!  Exercise for your pet is scheduled at least five times/day in a

clean outdoor yard with comfortable pea stone gravel.  Doggie daycare guests and dogs that are boarded are given as much freedom as you and they can handle.

Outside RunPlay Time Is Important

Every dog has access to daily play time at no extra cost.  Group play times are monitored closely to insure that our dog daycare and boarded dogs get along with one another.  We take the time to match up dog buddies together in our 4,000 sq ft. yard so that their social time, have fun and get adequate exercise.  The fence is high enough to keep even our best jumpers safe and secure.  Our dogs love their social time in the yard.  Most can’t wait to come back every day!


A Healthy Day Is A Good Day

If your pet is on scheduled medications, no problem.  Our professional staff are happy to administer the medications when required. There is no additional charge for this during normal operating hours. Additional charges apply after hours.  If one of our guests need immediate attention, we are happy to transport them to your veterinarian.  Because we love pets, we’re always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty.Cute Face Dog